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Open Mic Night


1.365 ISO400, f5.6, 1/2

Check, check.

Test, test.


So this is a little ditty about a girl who set out with just her guitar and a pen to see what she could create. 

And by “guitar” I mean Nikon D5000.  And by “pen” I mean MacBook.

But the point is, she was trying to imagine a life where there was no Client between her own vision and The World, and to challenge herself to cultivate what might, possibly, maybe be a unique point of view.  And to refrain from using too many commas while doing it.

So what’s a nice girl like me, with a job and a family, doing in a place like this?  And don’t I think I’m biting off a little more than I can chew?  Well maybe, yes.  But my stepbrother, who invented the Skinwich and who seems to be on his way to becoming a web mogul, assures me that the internets taste like chocolate, so what the heck?

I’ve been reading about a little something called a 365 Photo project, where you make an image every day for a year.  At the end your photography is either worlds better or you never want to touch your camera again.  So let’s call today, Day 1.  I’ll plant this little seed here, and we’ll see what emerges over the next year.

If you somehow wandered in off the street for this, hi, nice to meet you.  I’ll try not to let this devolve into self-indulgent dreck.  But it is open mic night so let’s be honest, you never know what you’re gonna get.  And if you’re here because you know me and you’re just being nice (love you, Mom!), well, I’m just gonna warble through this little song I wrote.  And afterwards you can tell me how good my G-chord sounds.  Because that one’s hard and I’ve been practicing it a lot.

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