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91.365 50mm f1.4 1/20 ISO 1600The sun wasn't even up yesterday morning when my two-year-old was clambering to get dressed and follow Daddy out to shoble da snow.  I am still blown away by how much Ezra wants to do exactly what his dad does, but on the morning when Denver finally welcomed Winter how could I complain? 


Cold River

76.365 18mm f8 1/1000 ISO 800When a girl has to leave Colorado for North Carolina in order to see snow fall, you know something's wrong with the climate.  But there it was, the monochrome of winter turning from brown to silver overnight.  My husband and I walked out onto the long Haw River bridge for a wide view over the cold river. 

It's an unusual scene where I want to crank the aperture down to a pinpoint and keep everything in the frame super-crisp, but I did that here.  The other thing I really like about this scene is how it's in full color, but it looks like black and white.


Mixed Bag

71.365 18mm f14 1/1250 ISO 200On one hand, Ezra and I headed up to the mountains for his first-ever ski day.  We had been talking about it for a week and getting him used to the world's shortest skis in the (relative) comfort of his bedroom.  When we got to Loveland it all went down the tubes though: I thought it was going to be the day to introduce him to the joy of gravity games, but as two-year-olds are wont to do, he changed the gameplan on me as soon as I got him bundled and booted up.

So that was frustrating, even though I knew it shouldn't be.

BUT.  It wasn't all bad.  When I cruised up a mountain side road in search of a snowy shot the sun broke through for a brief moment on this winter solstice, and I did a little dance because for the next six months I get a little bit more daylight every day.  Best Christmas present yet.  Also on my list of things to appreciate, the return of my wide angle lens from repair.  When I brought the camera to my face and zoomed out to 18mm it was like I could breathe again.



46.365 42mm f5.3 1/5 ISO 1600I am phobic about black and white.  I mean, don't get me wrong.  I love a good black and white image as much as the next guy.  But shooting black and white (or in these days of digital, with the intention of making something black and white) completely intimidates me.  And when I get to processing, I almost never think anything I capture looks better sans color.  But today when I went in to get Ezra up from his nap and the light in the room was low and he was peacefully laying in his crib I knew it would make a good black and white. 

This child is in the phase where he believes it's his job to grow before my very eyes (more experienced parents can says whether this phase lasts into adulthood).  I love making pictures of him which are drenched in the technicolor of our lives together but black and white does have the singular effect of freezing a moment and pinning it into a place outside of time.  It's an illusion, but I suppose as a parent it does have a certain charm.

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