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Making Things Fit

312.365I used to travel for work all the time before Ezra was born. Since then I've managed to find a work life that allows me to stay home most of the time.  This week will be a test of how well I can fit together family and work and travel in a way that benefits us all.  I'd like to imagine that in my little family unit we can all rotate around our own axes, together at the same time, even when I'm on the East coast and Will and Ezra are working together back in Colorado.  Wish us luck.


Rainbow Toolbox

230.365 50mm f3.2 1/200 ISO 200Add to the list of things that are supremely cool about our neighbor:  he is a balloon twister.  This skill apparently comes in very handy when my workhorse of a 3-year-old is crestfallen to discover that the irrigation installation project was completed during his nap and there's no digging left to do.  This bitter disappointment can be assuaged with a trade of one balloon pig, one duck, and one black widow spider.


Reason to Stop

221.365 10.5mm f8 1/800 ISO 200I've lived in Denver for nearly 15 years.  Which means I've driven past this yellow sculpture roughly 12 million times, give or take a few million.  I have pondered it as a photographic subject many times over the course of this project, but always on my commute when I don't have time to stop. 

But yesterday morning I had a happy profusion of circumstances (including a break in the days-long rain) that allowed me to stop and get close to the sculpture for the first time in my long Denver tenure.  Up close it's like a stack of gigantic yellow legos meant mostly for playing with light and shadow, and best viewed against the bluest sky of a Colorado morning.


Hidden Treasure

215.365 50mm (+12mm mac tube) f2.2 1/400 ISO 200I was spared by a cold, gray spring day from having to pull weeds in the yard yesterday.  The flat light did call to me, inviting me to train my macro on the onion flowers that are about to pop open.  But the Bachelor Buttons called to me (again).  Their buds remind me of a botanical Faberge egg, so imagine my delight when I discovered a small ruby tucked in the leaves.  The color and the painterly-ness (if that's a word) of the shallow depth of field just slay me.



199.365 18mm f3.5 1/250 ISO 200Have I mentioned how much I love it when something newsworthy happens right in front of me?  When we pulled up at home yesterday evening I noticed this after-school art class at the elementary school down the street.  Ezra and I were equally interested in the project.  A dozen or so kids, a few moms, and some art and photography(!) teachers were painting street murals on the schoolyard retaining wall.

How freaking cool is that?

When we moved into our house this school was so dismal the district had blown out the entire staff, down to the janitors, and started from scratch.  That wasn't especially concerning to us since, you know, we didn't have any kids.  But now we have a kid and, happily, the school is undergoing a rebirth.  Yes, I'm congratulating myself on good timing.  But I couldn't get too busy patting myself on the back because I had to take pictures.