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Winter, Suddenly

Monday it was 80° and Denver was bathed in the bright yellow sunlight of autumn.

Tuesday night it started to snow.

Yesterday morning on the way to work it looked like this:

If it seems a little jarring, well, it is.  But this whipsaw of weather is also one of Colorado's great charms in my opinion, that you can have snow on red leaves, or conversely, short-sleeves weather in February.  It gives us a communal experience of nature, something to talk about, something to look forward to.  It means we never bury our cute winter hats too deep in the basement because we wouldn't want to miss the opportunity to look like this:



364.365 24mm f2.8 1/100 ISO 200I attended at meeting at Ezra's school last night where a couple of the other mothers talked about their struggles of being single and jobless and homeless, and still trying to provide a stable environment for their young children.  The thought of trying to manage all of that made my stomach hurt.  Listening to them I couldn't help but feel incredibly grateful for what I do have.

So here goes, a Wednesday exercise in gratitude:

• I am thankful for a comfortable home.

• I am thankful for a stable, supportive marriage.

• I am thankful for a healthy, inquisitive child.

• I am thankful for a steady, enjoyable, challenging job.

• I am thankful for a diverse and caring school community for Ezra, and one that is helping him build a strong foundation for lifelong learning.

• I am thankful for a wealth of friends who really see me, and still keep coming around.

• I am thankful that, because my basic needs in life are met and exceeded, I am at leisure to notice the beauty of the sunrise.


Rain, A Study

338.365 110mm f4.5 1/80 ISO 200Last week was a box that held many things for me to sift through, including more frustration and annoyance than I am usually faced with. 

I felt stuck.



339.365 50mm (+12mm mac tube) f2.8 1/160 ISO 200So yeah, that's not fun.

But I had some good distractions this weekend, and some small kindnesses showered down on me.  I think I've hit refresh.

Deep breath.

Dive in.


340.365 50mm (+12mm mac tube) f2.8 1/500 ISO 200


(Ahem) Totally Under Control

323.365 55mm f5.6 1/40 ISO 200I got an e-mail from a family member Wednesday saying "You okay?  Anything I can help with?" and I had no idea what he was referring to.  My response: "Uuuuummmm, yeah?  I don't think so.  But thanks for the offer."

Later I realized that he probably assumed I was trapped under a fallen tree in Prospect Park or had been accosted by a feral reality TV contestant.  I guess either could have been a reasonable assumption.  But I was really just daunted by trying to reintegrate into my life in Denver. 

(And yes, I usually bring reusable bags to load my army of groceries, but with reintegration apparently comes disorganization.)

324.365 32mm (+12mm mac tube) f5 1/60 ISO 200Apparently when I'm getting my bearings macro helps.  This hibiscus, which our neighbor gave us as a wedding present five years ago, was in full bloom when I returned.  That only lasts for about a week in the blazing sun of our front yard, so you know, the iron was hot and all.

325.365 18mm f5 1/400 ISO 200This one was one of my patented cram-it-all-in moves, in the three and a half spare moments between work, commute, and family night at Ezra's school.

The good thing about all of this madness is that I haven't even had time to complain to you all about how I'm not in Black Rock City right now.

It's so very good to be back in Denver.  But family, I may take a rain check on that offer of help.


Shades of Grey

288.365 55mm f5.6 1/100 ISO 500