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A Confession, Sort Of

116.365 50mm f4.5 1/80 ISO 200Because this site has a small but dedicated readership among pediatricians and grandmothers I will not admit here exactly how (in)frequently we bathe Ezra.  It might correlate highly with the instances when we manage to get him to ingest some molecules of green matter -- note the green smoothie mustache.

So maybe the bathtub novelty hasn't worn off.  Or maybe it actually is as photogenic a place as I still imagine it to be.



96.365 50mm f1.4 1/160 ISO 400I have taken Ezra to the kid's salon to get his hair cut up 'til now, but after a particularly noticeable butcher-job the last go-round I decided it was time to call in the big guns.  Angela may not have a firetruck hairdresser chair but she knew how to keep him happy and make him look like a million bucks.


Favorite Face: A Look Back at 2010

So far I've reserved this space for the fruits of my labor on my 365 project, but I was visiting a website I occasionally check in on and saw that their weekly challenge is to look back through your photos to find your favorite face of the past year.  For me that was easy, this shot of my son playing for the first time in fall leaves.  I think his face pretty much says it all.  I loved this one so much that I photoshopped the word JOY in the lower left hand corner and sent it out as our family Christmas card.

Here's to a new year full of joy and the capture of fleeting moments.


The Spark

33.365 90mm f8 1/640 ISO 200I only started what I'm calling my 365 project a month ago, but in truth I've been taking pictures of my son almost every day for two years.  His birth was the catalyst for connecting me to the camera, and it was the experience of practicing new ways of seeing him and of capturing my own parenting journey that made me want to stretch myself photographically.

I love taking pictures of Ezra, but after two years it had started to feel confining.  Committing to this project (and deciding that I wasn't going to turn this into a parenting blog) has been incredibly freeing in ways I hadn't foreseen.  I have given myself permission to turn the lens on the world apart from Ezra and it is making me feel alive in a beautifully unexpected way.

All this is to say I didn't expect to post Ezra here today.  But I tried a lot of different things with my camera yesterday and when I uploaded the pictures none of the ones I envisioned for this space were working.  Only then did I look through the captures of Ezra at our pre-nap playground romp.  So today I'll live by Rumi:  Let the beauty we love be what we do.

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