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Behind the Scenes

For what it's worth, this is the kind of houseguest I love: the kind who has some simple but inspired pan of deliciousness sauteing on the stovetop when I come home from work.  Also the kind who has noticed that I bring leftovers for lunch and so makes enough that I can eat it the next day too.  And it helps if that pan of deliciousness is comprised entirely of things that were in my kitchen cabinet but which I would never, in ten lifetimes, have thought to throw into a saute pan together.  (For the record, it involved garbanzos, tomatoes, and coconut milk.  Who would have thought?  She's a genius.)

Anyway, because I was so inspired by the care she was taking of me, and because she will soon be starting her own blog where she will share some of this genius, and because she was leaving to fly home this morning, I thought we should leave the curry simmering on the stove and go take another stab at some photos of her.  Luckily I had much more energy to bring to the task than I did last week.

356.365 50mm f2.8 1/200 ISO 200Isn't Amber beautiful?  Aren't her eyes the color of some intensely perfect Caribbean waters and don't you just want to dive in?  (That is not a trick of post processing.  They really are that amazing.)

And then, just because we're coming to the end of this 365 and it feels like a good time to pull back the curtain, a small glimpse of what a portrait shoot with me occasionally looks like:

It's amazing how ideal a world can look, with a little well-placed cropping.


Before the Storm

I arrived in New Jersey to gray skies, muggy air, and steady rain.  Ah yes, East coast.  It's been too long.  It is going to be an absolutely insane work week, so naturally I started it off with a visit from an old college friend and her husband who arrived at my hotel while I was still in the lobby checking in.  She has lived in New York for nearly fifteen years, but like me, had basically never been to Hoboken.  So on the tip of her friend we headed for Arthur's Tavern which didn't look like much, but which served up a pretty mean steak.

Afterward, for old times sake, we found a place to serve us up one bourbon nightcap.

314.365 50mm f3.2 1/40 ISO 1600Alright work.  I think I'm ready.


On Losing My Voice (And Finding My Happy)

I left the power chord to my laptop up in the mountains last weekend, meaning that the minute my computer ran out of juice I lost my voice.  I didn't stop shooting, of course, but I got stuck on processing and posting, which turned into kind of an interesting experience on its own.

302.365 50mm f2.5 1/100 ISO 200I found myself feeling a little desperate to post, like ohmygod, if I don't go there for a few days will people forget me?  And then that seemed kind of ridiculous since a) my offline life is so full and b) I really didn't start this blog with the idea of becoming Internet Popular.  But apparently the internet is kind of like high school, and after you're here for a little while you realize that you kind of crave attention.  Not that you're as hard as high school, Internet.  Actually you've been very nice.

Anyway, in the midst of feeling stymied in this and a few other parts of my life, I decided to focus on a less showy kind of happy.  I am getting the feeling that the current lesson I'm bumping up against is to find the quiet space and be satisfied there.

 Ezra, who will be three in a few days, discovered that he is a remote control prodigy this week.  I am not sure whether this skill will serve him well in life (dear god, please let him grow out of this before he decides to be a drone pilot) but it's fun to watch him explore it.  I think it would be a good time for us to get some rechargable batteries.

303.365 50mm f3.5 1.80 ISO 200While the family is still in town for another day it is easy to be thankful for the extra help, the dinners prepared by someone else, and the returned laptop chord.

304.365 50mm f2.8 1/60 ISO 400

This is my little way of saying thanks for having my voice back, and for the Internet being a nicer place than high school, and for having a quiet little place to get un-stymied.


(This is the part where Ezra would chime in and say I don't like to say Aho.  And I would say You don't have to say Aho.)



296.365 50mm f1.8 1/40 ISO 1600Ezra is in the mountains this week with my parents, which means it's the first time since he was born that we've been home without him.  Which means leisurely morning runs and evening visits with friends and date nights.  Even though Will and I are both working hard it still feels like a vacation.

Last night we went for sushi with friends.  If one were making a list of things I love to eat that don't grow in our garden, this would be at the top.


Good For You

295.365 50mm (+12mm mac tube) f5 1/320 IS0 100We eat a lot of kale at our house, usually sauteed up in obscene amounts of olive oil and garlic.  Will grows it in the garden every year but usually by this point in the summer the flea beetles or some other vermin have had their way with it and we're back to buying it in the store.  For reasons which are entirely mysterious to me (but which Will probably understands) this year we still have a bumper crop of gorgeous dinosaur kale going gangbusters in the back yard.

I know this isn't a food blog, and I don't claim to be a particularly good cook, but my brother introduced me to a fabulous raw kale salad this weekend and I reproduced it yesterday to a highly satisfying effect so I can't help but offer it up here in case the macro shot inspires you.

1 big bowl of raw kale, washed and de-ribbed

1 lemon

1 carrot peeled

1 tomato (preferably out of the garden since the ones in the store don't have any flavor)

1 avocado

1/2 red onion

handful of walnuts, chopped

kosher salt

olive oil

red wine vinegar

Tear the kale into pieces.  Squeeze the juice of the lemon over it, and throw in a big pinch of kosher salt.  Massage.  No really, massage the lemon juice and salt into the greens.  Leave it for a little while and let it tenderize the greens, which would otherwise be too tough to enjoy raw.  After ten or fifteen minutes throw in chopped carrots, avocado, tomato, shaved red onion, and walnuts.  Drizzle with olive oil.  Splash with red wine vinegar.  Pepper to taste. 

I would include a picture here of the salad, but I ate it before I thought to shoot it.  Anyway, enjoy.