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The Great Gear Chase

The lovely and talented Tara Romasanta at The Parker, Palm Springs, CAIt is so easy, as a photographer, to fall into the trap of the Great Gear Chase.  There is always a better body, or a faster lens, or a smoother ball head or a new iPhone that will certainly be just the thing to elevate our work or change the way we see.  Except that it almost never does.

I know all this down to my bones but that doesn't stop me from wanting, and occasionally getting, a new toy anyway.  Today I'm guest blogging over at Mortal Muses about my latest acquisition (hint:  the above picture of Tara was one of the first I made with it) and the way it is actually changing my work - or at least the way I think about it.  I would love it if you'd join me there.


Trust and the Path

Sometimes it's hard to know exactly where you are, and even harder to trust that where you are is a fine place to be.  It's a struggle I've been intimately familiar with over the past six months (a year??) on my own creative path, and I'm happy to be guest blogging about the challenge of seeing - and trusting - over at Shutter Sisters today.  I'd love it if you join me there.