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Instrument of Beauty

361.365 50mm (+12mm mac tube) f2 1/60 ISO 400The first night I met my husband he played Friend of the Devil on guitar and I was smitten.  Completely, utterly hooked.  (Looking back, perhaps I should have seen it as a bit of a warning too, but all's well that ends well, right?)

We have been married for five years now so obviously he doesn't play guitar for me much anymore.  His good guitar has been at a friend's house for about six months now but it finally came back to us this week.  Yesterday I was just admiring how gorgeous this instrument is.

That's not even to speak of the beautiful sounds that come out of this guitar.  I may just have to prevail upon him to pretend for a moment that he still wants to impress me and play.  My birthday's this week, so he couldn't possibly say no, right?