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237.365 50mm f2/5 1/320 ISO 200I am sure this falls into the category of TMI, or at least Too Much Information about things no one cares about besides Will and me.  Never mind.  You may recall that I expressed some skepticism about Will's approach to the Evil Weevils in our backyard.  Well.  Will spent the majority of the weekend perched in the tree, just as you see here, cutting unripe cherries out.  All of them.  I shit you not.

(If I ever, in this space, wonder where my child gets his incredible propensity for perseveration, you can link me back to this post.)

Every weevil that came off that tree got a bath in denatured alcohol.  If I am wrong and these creatures aren't actually a mistake of nature or god (take your pick), we have a serious karmic debt to our names after this weekend.  And you know what?  I don't feel bad about it for a moment.