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Mountain Sunset

298.365 18mm f10 1/320 ISO 200


Hard Choices

I have been struggling over the past few weeks to come to terms with a choice I don't want to make.  I've tried every angle to get around the disappointing truth of the situation, of not being able to do something I really, really want to do.  But as the Magic 8 Ball would say, all signs point to no.

I kind of want to take a page out of Ezra's book and flail about until somebody gets me what I want.  But here's the thing: I've been getting what I want a lot lately.  A lot.  So I'm trying to focus on that.  I am trying to really notice all the people and things and situations I encounter daily that are wonderful.  I am hoping that if I really experience gratitude for the incredible abundance of juicy good stuff that's going on, my inner toddler will be brought to reason. 

292.365 50mm f5 1/640 ISO 100Perhaps one of the reasons it's good to have a three-year-old around is that it reminds you that temper tantrums are unbecoming of an adult.

293.365 50mm f5 1/125 ISO 200My family came to town this week, towing a trailer loaded with furniture lovingly made in my stepdad's woodshop.  We worked with our hands Sunday, sanding and shellacking and assembling.  Ez was rapt from start to finish.  I was tired at the end of the day.

294.365 18mm f8 1/60 ISO 200This landscape makes my heart thump thump, but I get frustrated with the boundaries of my view finder, and my eyes.  There is not a wide enough wide angle in the world.  But this is part of the lesson: to be happy with what little I can see, and to know that there's more where that came from.

So I try to yield to this one belief:  I can have everything I want.  But just not all at once.


Rainbow  City

275.365 10.5mm f7.1 1/1250 ISO 200We've been having insane weather here over the past week, violent electrical storms and torrential rains.  (Not that I'm complaining because the tomatoes and basil in the garden look amazing.)  Yesterday when the sun was blasting and the rain was coming down in sheets I knew I had to go find a high spot to view the inevitable rainbow.

I sat there taking in this view thinking Double rainbow!?!  Oh my god!  What does it all mean?!?

Not really.  I know this is a totally cliche metaphor, and I try not to traffic in those, but it was a good reminder to me that even the challenges of the hard times can offer us a glimpse of something beyond the darkness.  Beauty, even.


God Bless America

265.365 52mm f5.6 1/320 ISO 200From now on, I want Fourth of July to look like this.  (I actually took this photo on July 3, but we were celebrating all weekend long.)  A little dash of this wouldn't hurt either:

Why is Nell smiling?  Because she is serving me this:

I am no food photographer, but that top picture is jalapeños stuffed with cream cheese and wrapped in bacon (then fried up on the grill) and it is so sinfully delicious I'm sure it's illegal in some countries.  (+ 10 for America!)  It is also extremely festive, especially when chased with the lemonade-tequila slushy Nell made.

So yesterday morning, in an effort to atone for some of that sin, we got out of the house in time do do some of this:

266.365 18mm f5.6 1/500 ISO 200

I'm not much of a flag-waver.  I've travelled too much to put a whole lot of stock in American Exceptionalism.  But damn, weekends like this make me love this country.


Where The Sidewalk Ends

263.365 50mm f3.5 1/100 ISO 200There are some places where, upon arrival, a sense of peace washes over me immediately.  Certain spots in the Rockies induce a visceral sensation that my heart is opening in order to absorb the vastness of the beauty around me.

264.365 18mm f3.5 1/320 ISO 200And sometimes when I come to a place for the first time I get the immediate sense that this place will be in my life for a long time.  There's a sense of anticipation, kind of like a really successful first date, knowing that me and this place are going to get along juuuuuust fine. 

Like a new love, I know there are layers and layers of things to learn about these mountains, and I hope I have a long lifetime to explore them.

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