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Getting to Know You

236.365 20mm f3.8 1/250 ISO 200I had a great idea yesterday, that after Ezra's nap we would ride our bikes downtown to the Chalk Art Festival in Larimer Square.  Ez likes bike rides and chalk and sidewalks so I figured it would be perfect.  It was a beautiful afternoon and trailing Will and Ez on the Cherry Creek bike path is just one of those excellent Denver experiences that fills my heart up.  As we locked up our bikes and headed toward the smell of funnel cakes I allowed myself a moment of oh yay!  Look how much fun this is for a 2-year old!

And then we encountered this:

Now this is the kind of scene that makes me want to dive in.  But soon I was reminded that for Ez it has the opposite effect.  He didn't cry or whine.  Instead he just completely withdrew.  I could see his face become impassive.  Even the crocodile chalk art couldn't elicit an enthusiastic point or grin.  It was like he was willing himself to disappear from the crowd completely.

Oh right, my kid is an introvert.  For a moment there I forgot.  So we got back on our bikes and rode home, where he became delighted again very quickly.  But not before I had a chance to snap these.



Snow Globe

115.365 10.5mm 1/40 ISO 1600I guess it warmed up enough to actually snow here yesterday and for a brief period in the afternoon the view out the window by my desk was of a charming little snowstorm.  On my drive home I plotted how I was going to create a snow globe effect for today's picture, by finding a quaint snowy little scene that looks like it should be miniaturized and put under plastic and then shoot the hell out of it with my fisheye.

Which would have been really cool, I think, had it not stopped snowing by the time I got back to central Denver.

But I figure Larimer Square looks pretty enough to miniaturize and put under plastic, even if we leave the snow out.