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Make A Wish

I started the year with an intention to learn to shoot video.  I thought it would be easy for me, since I've spent the better part of my career around professional videographers, watching their raw tape, and sitting in edit rooms.  I actually, in my downtime over the holiday break, attempted to shoot, only to realize that it's harder than it looks.

Me, to a friend who is a Director of Photography: Wow.  I've watched you shoot video for all these years and you make it look so easy.  But shit!  It's actually hard!

Him: Ummmm, yeah.  Asshole.

(He didn't say that last part, but I bet he was thinking it.)

So I stopped, after shooting approximately 4.5 minutes of mediocre video, because I thought I couldn't do it.  This is true, even though I understand as I type it that it sounds - and is - absurd.  But through a string of recent encounters and ideas and side projects the notion to shoot for myself has again arisen, this time with the understanding that oh yeah, I could actually practice that.  It sounds like an idea that would come easily to a person who devoted herself to taking a picture every single day in an effort to, you know, learn how to take pictures.  Instead it hit me like a complete novelty, a revolution in creative thinking. 

Here's what I'm thinking: I'll shoot video and put it together in a series of vignettes or sketches and post it here with some regularity.  Right now I'm thinking of them as video love letters, but I may just be stuck in that mode because the first one was a love letter to my new bike and a lost friend.  Sometimes they may be stories, sometimes just a collection of images set to some music that I like.  But always they will be practice, yet another opportunity for me to stretch my own personal creative muscles and work through the fear of sharing imperfect things. 

Thanks for being my test audience.

(And p.s. Thanks, Meghan Davidson, for your willingness to make a cameo.  Beware, other friends who cross my path.  You may be next.)