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Mountain Sunset

298.365 18mm f10 1/320 ISO 200


Mountain Photowalk Tip 

Hint: when you're on a photowalk and you find yourself walking directly toward this, it's okay to be a little nervous.

281.365 18mm f6.3 1/1000 ISO 200But don't panic.  The sky is big and you are small.  And if worse comes to worse, you can always lay down in a ditch and wait for the lightning to pass you by.  At least that was my game plan yesterday, as the rain fell on me and my hydrophobic dog cowered by my ankles.

But we powered on, my camera tucked beneath my dry fleece.  The good thing about the storms is they offer outstanding brooding atmospherics to my photowalk pictures.


Annual Pilgrimage

This seems to be the pattern of my Friday 365 photo these days:  wake up Friday morning, sprint, race to work, work work work, race home to get Ezra from school, finish packing, jump in the car, drive west.  Stop somewhere before the sun goes down and take a picture of whatever my viewfinder falls on.

277.365 102mm f4.5 1/125 ISO 200The race this past Friday was to get up to the mountains for our annual vacation with my husband's family.  His parents, brothers and their families all converge on Colorado and we spend the week hiking and fishing and setting off water rockets and shooting a potato cannon - you can tell there are a lot of boys in this family.

By yesterday things were considerably less harried.

We have rented the same large family house for the past several years so that - even though the fantasy of owning such a large property in Colorado's resort country is wildly out of reach for any of us - it feels like coming home. 

Last night we were delighted to hear the swarming buzz of the hummingbirds dive bombing the front porch, as they tend to do here.  Obviously my father-in-law and I had the same immediate reaction: grab our cameras.

278.365 28mm f4.5 1/160 ISO 250



God Bless America

265.365 52mm f5.6 1/320 ISO 200From now on, I want Fourth of July to look like this.  (I actually took this photo on July 3, but we were celebrating all weekend long.)  A little dash of this wouldn't hurt either:

Why is Nell smiling?  Because she is serving me this:

I am no food photographer, but that top picture is jalapeños stuffed with cream cheese and wrapped in bacon (then fried up on the grill) and it is so sinfully delicious I'm sure it's illegal in some countries.  (+ 10 for America!)  It is also extremely festive, especially when chased with the lemonade-tequila slushy Nell made.

So yesterday morning, in an effort to atone for some of that sin, we got out of the house in time do do some of this:

266.365 18mm f5.6 1/500 ISO 200

I'm not much of a flag-waver.  I've travelled too much to put a whole lot of stock in American Exceptionalism.  But damn, weekends like this make me love this country.


Where The Sidewalk Ends

263.365 50mm f3.5 1/100 ISO 200There are some places where, upon arrival, a sense of peace washes over me immediately.  Certain spots in the Rockies induce a visceral sensation that my heart is opening in order to absorb the vastness of the beauty around me.

264.365 18mm f3.5 1/320 ISO 200And sometimes when I come to a place for the first time I get the immediate sense that this place will be in my life for a long time.  There's a sense of anticipation, kind of like a really successful first date, knowing that me and this place are going to get along juuuuuust fine. 

Like a new love, I know there are layers and layers of things to learn about these mountains, and I hope I have a long lifetime to explore them.