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249.365 iPhone Instagram app X-Pro II filterThe view from yesterday morning's run.  It's the best reason to a) get up early in the morning and b) have an iPhone.  It would be very difficult to carry a dSLR on a run, right?


Reading the Signs

247.365 200mm f5.6 1/640 ISO 200Seriously.  I mean, just look at that face.  Yesterday was that kind of day, when everything seems majestic and beautiful and almost perfectly manifested.  When the Universe sends all kinds of affirmative signs.  Will and I had to drive up to the mountains yesterday to take care of some personal business.  The morning sky was cloudless.  The road was wide open.  Vast swaths of purple lupines were in bloom.  We saw two antelopes pronghorns, two elks, and two moose over the course of the day's driving. 

It was the kind of day that reminds you that the path may not be effortless, but when you find yourself in the flow, you go with it and let the good stuff wash over you.  And then you say Thank You.


This Is Home Too

244.365 32mm f11 1/320 ISO 100

Sometimes it is so hard to get to the mountains, even though they are Right There.  I mean, really.  We practically live in the shadow of them.  But still, with all the weeding and the planting tomatoes and the cutting unripe cherries and the naptimes and the...  Well, it's just tough to get out of the city.

But then we get up to the mountains and all three of us are completely blissed out and it's a reminder: all this fun is practically at our back door.  So we're going to use it.  Summer's here.  The mountains are Right There.  We're ready to rock.


Too Much Fun

243.365 34mm f4 1/1250 ISO 200Normally I would never wait until 9:00 at night to post yesterday's picture, but we were just having so much fun in the mountains I couldn't get back to my laptop.  We hiked in the Weminuche Wilderness with three kids under the age of three.  There's something about seeing Ezra in that setting that is supremely satisfying for Will and me, but in truth, we all had a great time up there.


On The Way

242.365 55mm f9 1/500 ISO 200We are spending the weekend with friends in their cabin in southwest Colorado.  I plotted my driving shift so I would be in the passenger seat for prime picture time.