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How to Feel Like a Jerk 

193.365 iPhone, Instagram App, Lomi-fi filter

  1. Plan a weekend jaunt to one of your favorite places in Colorado.  The world, even.
  2. Pack every bit of technology you have. (I could stop here, and we'd have enough of a jerk factor.  STEP AWAY FROM THE LAPTOP, MA'AM.)
  3. Pull all technology out first thing in the morning and realize you left the chord that connects your camera to your laptop at home.
  4. Thank god for iPhoneography.

Ten Mile Range

132.365 18mm f7.1 1/640 ISO 100A skiing landscape felt like a more appropriate choice here for the last day of Skiesta than evidence of debauched hot tubbing (which may or may not have happened) and naked snow angels (which I definitely did not make).  We capped the weekend off with mixed berry pecan flapjacks, partly cloudy conditions at Copper Mountain, wind-chapped cheeks, tired quads, and the happy fatigue that results from a weekend long lovefest with your favorite people in your favorite place.


Mixed Bag

71.365 18mm f14 1/1250 ISO 200On one hand, Ezra and I headed up to the mountains for his first-ever ski day.  We had been talking about it for a week and getting him used to the world's shortest skis in the (relative) comfort of his bedroom.  When we got to Loveland it all went down the tubes though: I thought it was going to be the day to introduce him to the joy of gravity games, but as two-year-olds are wont to do, he changed the gameplan on me as soon as I got him bundled and booted up.

So that was frustrating, even though I knew it shouldn't be.

BUT.  It wasn't all bad.  When I cruised up a mountain side road in search of a snowy shot the sun broke through for a brief moment on this winter solstice, and I did a little dance because for the next six months I get a little bit more daylight every day.  Best Christmas present yet.  Also on my list of things to appreciate, the return of my wide angle lens from repair.  When I brought the camera to my face and zoomed out to 18mm it was like I could breathe again.

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