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81.365 50mm f2.8 1/500 ISO 200If I know anything about nurturing deep and abiding friendships (and I like to think I do) it must be in part because I have watched my mom and my godmother do it beautifully for my whole life.  I am lucky to be a sort of junior partner in their small sisterhood.

I am lucky also that they are both unflinchingly supportive of whatever folly I might indulge in, including this blog.  Jewel, my godmother, is an artist and I was surprised to discover that I really got her thinking with my repeated handwringing in this space about the what does it do? test I feel compelled to apply to my pictures.  (I should admit here that I have never really had a specific list of criteria that would prove to me whether any given picture actually does anything.  It's been more of an I know it when I see it kind of thing.)

But.  Luckily there are people in my life who are more methodical than myself.  Jewel had not only been thinking through the question of what does it do? but answering it.  In actual list form.  And of course the minute she told me that I thought oh right!  I should have thought to do that.  She was  kind enough to share her list with me, with the caveat that it is by no means complete:

by Jewel Wheeler

How cool is that?

So here is a resolution as I start 2011 and continue on this 365 path: aim to have each picture do something.  It may not be possible to live up to this every day, but I'm going to point myself toward this True North.  Of course it would be easier to achieve if the list were longer.  Any ideas of other things I might add?

Oh, and Happy New Year everybody!