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Winter: A Personal History

120.365 18mm f5.6 1/500 ISO 400

I went to college in Syracuse, New York, a city on which more than 130 inches of snow have already fallen this winter.  When I chose it folks from my small southern hometown said to me Girl, don't you know it snows up there? and I thought - having grown up in a place where the mere threat of snow would shut down school - Snow?  Sounds fun!  I was an idiot.

I was also young and vain and possessed a bad fake ID and a set of perky boobs, both of which facilitated lots of long nights in the bars that were then the center of college life in Syracuse.  Because we could not be bothered to deal with bulky coats in these crowded, smoke-filled bars (they would hinder our ability to dance to Gloria Gaynor, after all) we would set off through frigid, snowy nights speed walking to the bars in nearly nothing and stumble home after last call when it was even colder.  It's a wonder I graduated with all my fingertips intact.

I love winter now in a way I couldn't then, both because I moved to a place where it snows and then melts (the thaw in Syracuse only happens in April or May) and because I'm no longer a slave to youthful idiocy.  I  no longer smoke or hang out in places that smell like stale beer.  But I do still have a soft spot for I Will Survive.


Snow Globe

115.365 10.5mm 1/40 ISO 1600I guess it warmed up enough to actually snow here yesterday and for a brief period in the afternoon the view out the window by my desk was of a charming little snowstorm.  On my drive home I plotted how I was going to create a snow globe effect for today's picture, by finding a quaint snowy little scene that looks like it should be miniaturized and put under plastic and then shoot the hell out of it with my fisheye.

Which would have been really cool, I think, had it not stopped snowing by the time I got back to central Denver.

But I figure Larimer Square looks pretty enough to miniaturize and put under plastic, even if we leave the snow out.



91.365 50mm f1.4 1/20 ISO 1600The sun wasn't even up yesterday morning when my two-year-old was clambering to get dressed and follow Daddy out to shoble da snow.  I am still blown away by how much Ezra wants to do exactly what his dad does, but on the morning when Denver finally welcomed Winter how could I complain? 


Street Art

82.365 55mm f6.3 1/160 ISO 200I took some of the flotsam and jetsam of Christmas out to the recycling bin early yesterday morning and saw the most glorious cotton-candy-pink clouds hovering above my back yard.  If I had been smart I would have shot that, but since my husband was just coming downstairs that very minute we tag teamed on the toddler and I grabbed my camera bag and dashed out into the 11 degree morning.

Naturally by the time I positioned myself where I thought I wanted to be the sunrise was over.  I was on the east end of downtown, thinking I now had to brave the cold for long enough to transition from that frothy pink sunrise-colored atmosphere to the part of the morning where the sun is actually hitting something.  A building.  A passerby.  (But who is out downtown on a frigid Sunday morning at 7:00?)  I would have settled for just about anything.

My fingertips were in full revolt when I noticed these small benches on the plaza I had staked out.  Maybe I was charmed by them because I just watched Exit Through the Gift Shop and I'm ready for Banksy to hit up Denver.  Or maybe it's because I'm a sucker for environmental art and its inherent impermanence.  Anyway, even in the biting cold I got a kick out of them and wanted to say thank you to whoever thought of leaving this mark.

I couldn't frame them how I would have liked because a) no one has shown me where to order my elevator boots yet and b) there was some permanent structure blocking the view between the second and third face.  So maybe there's no light here.  And maybe there's no composition.  But I love the fact that I got to glimpse somebody's cheeky little moment of expression before it melted.

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