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Time Machine

206.365 160mm f5.6 1/160 ISO 200I noticed the bees swarming our crabapple tree when I got home yesterday and, well, I couldn't resist that.  As I tried to capture that springtime rite (those little suckers are fast!) I realized that through this 365 project I have learned the life cycle of this tree more intimately than I have in the whole time I've lived in this house.  I have trained my camera on this tree for six months now, but as I looked back over my photo library I saw that I haven't yet posted any of those pictures.

So today I'm posting a gallery of this tree over the past three seasons, a look back at the tree, and at me noticing.  And, while we're at it, an appreciation of the camera as time machine.

November 9: early frost on a fall leafDecember 16: orange berries in the winterDecember 16: first sight through a macro lens (be still my heart)January 8: On this one day birds came and ate every single berry on the treeFebruary 12: completely nudeApril 1: first leaves of spring

April 15: soon we'll have flowersApril 23: new flowersMay 1: pitter patter


Cold Front

200.365 18mm f8 1/1600 ISO 200This was the sky on my drive home from work yesterday.  The forecasters called for another bout of rain and snow in the middle of our spring today.  I was tempted to complain about that until I remembered that people are, you know, ACTUALLY DYING because of bad weather in the south.


Backyard Popcorn

198.365 50mm f3.5 1/1600 ISO 200We planted this cherry tree in our backyard in the months after we moved into this house six years ago.  In the spirit of What else is it? I told Ezra and Will that this spring it looks to me like a popcorn tree.  (Of course, if it really were neither of them would come into the house until it was completely bare.) 


Take Pictures For Me

192.365 62mm f4.2 1/320 ISO 200We've got some potentially big things going on in our life this weekend, things that prompted a person close to me to say the following sentence yesterday:

"Take lots of pictures and send them to me on the computer."

Um.  Okay.  This is Corinna you're talking to.  You know, the girl who takes pictures of her computer keyboard.  The girl who writes, ad nauseum, about the fact that Spring has arrivedAgain.

I think it's safe to say that if anything remotely interesting happens you can be fairly certain I'll share it, photographically and otherwise.


For Good Reason

191.365 50mm (plus 12mm mac tube) f4.5 1/20 ISO 200

Because the first two peonies I planted in this spot didn't take,

and because the third time's a charm.

Because it barely rains in Colorado but when it does I love it

(the way it smells, the way it looks, the way it gives the air an almost too cold edge)

and because it rained yesterday just a little bit,

this particular picture begged to be made, more as a quick expression of gratitude

than anything else.

(There's a dash of YAY! mixed in there too.)