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224.365 50mm f2.5 1/400 ISO 200Have you noticed?  Chickens are the new Labrodoodles.  So trendy.  In my world it started with my brother, on his little urban lot in Denver.  A friend from growing up just quit the big-city life of Chicago, moved home and started a love affair with chickens.  My mom and stepdad are in on the action too, with eight or ten hens in the prettiest little coop overlooking the rose garden.

Ezra, naturally, would have spent all day in the hen house if I would have let him.  He fed them meal worms right out of his hand.  He discovered that they love the cicadas and sent us off into the yard to fetch them.


And then, because this one is Durga (which is also the name of a dear friend) and because I love portraits, and because I discovered that chickens never stop moving and therefore it is a challenge to make a portrait, and because I love a challenge:

I know it's kind of ridiculous in North Carolina, a huge poultry state, to suggest that chickens are a New Thing.  But I say it's official: so on trend.