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I'm Corinna.

When I was in my 20s I learned to get into myself by going out into the world, the farther the better.  I discovered that if I switched out the background on my life and stirred up all the stuff I thought I knew, whatever was still recognizable was authentically me.  It was a good way to get to know myself, and I got to curate a mental catalog of indelible images I carry with me everywhere.

I’ve never shed the travel bug but since that time I’ve cultivated a creative career, a home in Colorado, and a marriage to a devastatingly handsome uber-nerd.  Two years ago my husband and I had a son, a small guru under whose guidance I practice equanimity and mostly-unconditional love.  As it turns out he is also a muse, and after his birth I undertook a photography practice.  Or perhaps it overtook me. 

I have always been moved by photography and been interested in trying to participate in it myself.  But I never became a student of the discipline until now.  Now I find that the click of the shutter sends a little ripple of wakefulness up my spine, and my eyes search the details of my environment like never before.  It gives me the feeling of being a traveler in my own life and encourages a mindfulness that the familiar patterns of the day-to-day can easily blur.

So let’s call this a practice: I’ll develop my eye and hopefully a visual style that is singularly mine.  And I’ll throw in some prose from time to time because that’s the realm I’m most at home in.  Along the way maybe some magical alchemy will happen that makes it interesting to someone beside myself.  Fingers are crossed.

If you want to reach me for whatever reason, you can e-mail me at corinnarobbins at gmail dot com. 

If you're interested, here’s the camera gear I use:

Nikon D5000

18-55mm lens

55-200mm lens

50mm/1.4 lens

10.5mm f2.8 fisheye lens